Introducing Damian Dollars

They say the best things in life are free..



What can you trade a Damian Dollar for?

Damian Dollars are the dollars that keep on giving. You can negotiate the value based on your situation. Whenever you give, trade, barter, or sell Damian Dollars, it must be attached with value. Start the Damian Dollar cycle by selling, trading, and giving out Damian Dollars with your own value. You can start the Damian Dollar cycle by purchasing your Damian Dollars on 



What is free?

Free is free. Since the best things in life are free, technically, Damian Dollars can get you the best things. You can use Damian Dollars as an I.O.U. or as a promise of good faith. You can attach your own value to Damian Dollars. Whoever buys your Damian Dollars can also benefit from the purchase. Let the buyer keep the Damian Dollars for a chance to resell them on your behalf, not only will you get another gig, the buyer can mark up the price and receive a small portion of the sale. Give your Damian Dollars with value attached or sell your Damian Dollars with a service or promise attached. 



Share your Damian Dollar stories

With Damian Dollars, a whole new world of trading and bartering is born. Since the Damian Dollar Value can vary, the Damian Dollar stories will surely be an interesting way to understand how people are using Damian Dollars. The value of Damian Dollar starts at a nickel, can be traded for a twenty, given as a hundy, offered as a milly, sold as a trilly, and it keeps going and growing.